Partisan Bias of Canadian Media

As the federal election is heating up, the partisan bias of Canadian media is deservedly coming under a microscope. Part of it is personal on the part of Journalists like Robyn Urback and part of it is because Postmedia is owned by a U.S. Hedge Fund and has endorsed conservative candidates in Provincial and Federal elections, no matter if they deserve it or not.

With their click-bait titles and false both-sideism coverage, Mainstream Media (MSM) have become whores to the almighty $. Canada is becoming Trumpland’s vassal.

The meme best describes what’s happening with our MSM today. They saw how lucrative covering Trump’s lies, fear-mongering, and dog-whistles were and they have succumbed to reproducing the same formula that made U.S. media buckets of money while allowing Conservative lies to go unchallenged!

What follows by @ThatsMrNeil on Twitter and at politicalpotshots blog is an important thread on the bias of one journalist and it’s revealing.

“Can we all take a moment to appreciate how resoundingly partisan @RobynUrback is? Like that time she criticized Catherine McKenna for accusing Andrew Scheer of being deceitful regarding climate change? Where do I start? “

“I call it the National Post syndrome. When you cannot make an argument, create a both sides narrative.

There is no doubt Scheer is being dishonest.

1. Scheer claims that his #ClimateChange plan will meet Paris targets without a carbon tax! Yay! #cdnpoli#cdnmedia”

“2. But wait. Oh no. Now Andrew Scheer can’t commit to meeting Paris climate agreement targets with his non-existent plan.


“April 2018: Says climate change plan is coming. October 2018: Says Climate Change plan is still coming. January 2019: Says Climate Change Plan coming “before election”. I am beginning to think that perhaps Andrew Scheer IS being dishonest.

#cdnpoli #cdnmedia #ClimateChange” 

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More to follow on Partisan Bias of Canadian media