Lie Tracker Introduction

The site is dedicated to providing thoughtful content by pointing out inconvenient truths, obfuscations, misrepresentations or blatant lies by Politicians, Columnists, and Partisans. I believe the post-truth era rose in Canada with the election of Stephen Harper and was taken through the stratosphere with the election of Donald Trump in the U.S.

In politics, we now live in a “post-truth” world of wicked polarization “alternative facts” and “fake news”! “A defining trait of post-truth politics is that campaigners continue to repeat their talking points, even when media outlets, experts in the field in question, and others provide proof that contradicts these talking points.”1

Canada’s opposition leader, Andrew Scheer is trying to catch Trump in his post-truth world but is still in the troposphere on his way to the stratosphere. Ironically, troposphere is derived from the Greek word tropos, meaning “turn, turn toward, change”! The change he seeks actually means going back to where the post-truth era in politics began in earnest: with Stephen Harper.

One of Stephen Harper’s first acts was to fire the Government’s science advisor. That should have been a red flag for all Canadians but many of us didn’t wake up until much later. More on my enlightenment and Stephen Harper later as he will come up a lot in this blog given Conservatives love to blame the Liberals for anything they don’t want to take responsibility for.

The ideological fault lines of our post-truth world started well before the election of Stephen Harper but they went into hyper-drive after his first majority. In 2014, he had 3,325 Spin Doctors working for him at a cost of $263 Million.2

(1) Post-truth politics.
(2) Ottawa’s spin doctor payroll rivals that of the Commons.

As a short intro on me before I write a bio, I was a voting Conservative for 40 years, volunteered for the Reform Party, gave to the CPC, and voted Wildrose when I was still in Alberta before they merged with the PCs and became UCP.

I finally woke up after one lie too many, and although I stuck with the NDP for almost 3 years after my strategic vote in 2015 to oust Stephen Harper, I’m currently a Liberal.

Disclaimer: not everything appearing on this site is necessarily a Lie as there will be short articles on Energy news as well as posts which repeat talking points or articles pointing out inconvenient truths in our post-truth world of politics and Alternative Facts!

Those few statements or articles that are blatant lies and provably wrong will be labelled as such.