Partisan Bias of Canadian Media

The partisan bias of Canadian media is deservedly coming under a microscope. Part of it is personal on the part of Journalists like Robyn Urback and part of it is because Postmedia is owned by a U.S. Hedge Fund and have endorsed conservative candidates in Provincial and Federal elections, no matter if they deserve it or not.

With their click-bait titles, gotcha politics and false both-sideism coverage, Mainstream Media (MSM) have become whores to the almighty $. Canada is becoming an American vassal.

The meme best describes what’s happening with MSM today. They saw how lucrative covering Trump’s lies, fear-mongering, and dog-whistles were and they have succumbed to reproducing the same formula that made U.S. media buckets of money while allowing Conservative lies to go unchallenged!

Where Are Our Journalists, Part 7 – The Death of the Fourth Estate in Canada

“Buckle up. It’s a meta-thread.

The first thing a conqueror does is take control of the means of mass communication. In modern times, this means mainstream media. The American right bought our broadcasters & newspapers. Because Harper changed the laws to let them in. Harper loaded the CBC with supporters. Even out of power, the right controls the message.

This is why, throughout the recent federal election campaign and for a long time before, the CPC has only got softball questions from journalists and the Prime Minister has been put under a magnifying glass continuously.

Political shows regularly have panels whose diversity includes the far-right, the centre-right, the Greens, and the NDP, and they all take turns saying what a terrible job Trudeau is doing and what a terrible person he is.

The media does not do their job of explaining unfamiliar concepts to the public. Very little effort was made, for example, to explain what a Deferred Prosecution Agreement is. When Andrew Scheer and other CPC voices claimed that Trudeau was pressuring JWR to “let SNC off the hook” or “let SNC get away scot-free”, no one corrected that by saying exactly why that was incorrect, and what a DPA actually is. I encourage anyone who thinks a Deferred Prosecution Agreement is “dropping all charges” to read this excellent analysis:

[Lots of great links in this thread about dark money, right wing think tanks, and more.]

When Andrew Scheer or CPC voices make outrageous claims, no one counters them. It is offensive to journalistic standards and to the Canadian people, that our media are not fulfilling their central and most basic duty: to present the facts. Canadians deserve truth, instead we get spin from our media. We are seeing an abject failure to provide anything but click-bait and right-wing ideology.”

What follows by @ThatsMrNeil on Twitter and at politicalpotshots blog is an important thread on the bias of one journalist and it’s revealing.

“Can we all take a moment to appreciate how resoundingly partisan @RobynUrback is? Like that time she criticized Catherine McKenna for accusing Andrew Scheer of being deceitful regarding climate change? Where do I start? “

“I call it the National Post syndrome. When you cannot make an argument, create a both sides narrative.

There is no doubt Scheer is being dishonest.

1. Scheer claims that his #ClimateChange plan will meet Paris targets without a carbon tax! Yay! #cdnpoli#cdnmedia”

“2. But wait. Oh no. Now Andrew Scheer can’t commit to meeting Paris climate agreement targets with his non-existent plan.


“April 2018: Says climate change plan is coming. October 2018: Says Climate Change plan is still coming. January 2019: Says Climate Change Plan coming “before election”. I am beginning to think that perhaps Andrew Scheer IS being dishonest.

#cdnpoli #cdnmedia #ClimateChange” 

CONTINUED in Non-twitter thread: