Who is Stephen Harper

Will Andrew Scheer continue with Stephen Harper's secretive, authoritative, anti-science, anti-Charter, anti-environment, fear-mongering and divisive Republican ideology? Andrew Scheer responding to Althia Raj's question about continuing Stephen Harper's agenda: “I think it’s fair to say that Stephen Harper got a lot of things right."

Conservative ideology is rife with attacks on Science and Data

It's important to understand why Conservatives have succumbed to Tribalism, Fake News, and are often anti-science, anti-data, anti-elites (i.e. experts), and anti-evidence-based-decision-making. Their ideology in Canada today is steeped in the history of Stephen Harper's influence on the Party and his belief in American Republicanism. The effects of Harper's Social Conservatism (more on his religious … Continue reading Conservative ideology is rife with attacks on Science and Data

War on Democracy and Science with Stephen Harper

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms gave Canada a Constitutional Democracy and Harper hated it with a passion. Given that Harper believed the courts should be subservient to Parliament, he tried to force his will onto the courts but lost again and again. Our Charter was the only thing that stood in the way of an Autocratic ruler who would have subverted our Democracy to his whims.