Northern Gateway Pipeline

Stephen Harper’s arrogance sealed the fate of Northern gateway pipeline. CBC needs to challenge all Conservatives who lie that PM Trudeau killed Gateway & that Prem Notley gave her blessing. The court overturned it! Flaws were many. Opposition was insurmountable: the late Premier Prentice knew NG wouldn’t proceed at Kitimat #cdnpoli #abpoli #ableg

Prentice says other options besides Kitimat for Northern Gateway Plan

“Getting First Nations approval for the Northern Gateway pipeline will be “pretty tough,” as long as the proposed terminus remains at Kitimat, B.C….”

Northern Gateway pipeline approval overturned. Federal Court of Appeal finds Canada failed to consult with First Nations on pipeline project (…)

On the eve of Ottawa’s decision on Northern Gateway pipeline, 300 scientists say a recent federal review of the project was deeply flawed. (…)

Kitimat, B.C., votes ‘no’ to Northern Gateway in plebiscite
Non-binding plebiscite on $6.5B twin pipeline project has already split community (…)

And this is why Northern Gateway would never have been built. The agreement to preserve GBR was 20 yrs in the making!

THE GREAT BEAR RAINFOREST: Canada’s gift to the world
“A 10-part Special Report begins next week on achieving the impossible.” (…)

The other problem was Douglas Channel by Kitimat: 4th most dangerous waters in the world. It’s why there is a ban for supertankers.

2009. Incident shows dangers of oil tankers in northern waters, First Nations say

Enbridge’s proposed tanker routes flawed and dangerous, Master Mariner says

“The questions about tanker transits in confined waters and in severe West Coast winter weather conditions are too many and the risks to the marine environment too great.” (…)

Tsunami Hazard, Possible Fault Line Discovered Near Kitimat (…)

Enbridge tried to downgrade concerns Mariners and FN had of the Douglas channel with a misleading graphic. It sparked huge outrage and thus increased opposition to NG!

More BCers oppose Gateway pipeline after map controversy, ad blitz: poll (…)

More info on those blaming Trudeau for killing Gateway with the Super-Tanker ban: it does not ban smaller tankers carrying sweet oil! The channel is too narrow for the big tankers & risk is high.

Five Handy Facts About the Northern B.C. Oil Tanker Ban (…)

Passage of the Bill: Bill C-48 passes Commons (…)

Some FN are opposed to the ban: First Nations raising money to challenge federal government’s west coast oil tanker ban (…)

The thread is not complete without a whopper conspiracy:

Rise of the new Alberta energy populism: Is oil/gas industry weaponizing Vivian Krause’s conspiracy nonsense? (…)

For Conservatives who blame PM Trudeau & Premier Notley for allegedly hating oil & trying to stop pipelines, grow the hell up & stop whining! He bought you a damn pipeline! (…) They protest in the U.S. too & are now following court order for an environmental review. PM Trudeau will do FN consult for TMX b/c of court also.

U.S. judge halts Keystone XL pipeline construction. Indigenous, environmental activists applaud ruling (…)

Documents: The Northern Gateway Project and the Federal Court of Appeal: The Regulatory Process and the Crown’s Duty to Consult
“The above regulatory review and decision-making process led to 18 separate legal challenges” (…)


Ottawa’s arrogance, not Enbridge, sealed the fate of Northern gateway pipeline

…the Conservative government could have easily fulfilled its legal obligation to properly consult with First Nations on Northern Gateway. It just didn’t bother (…)

Conservatives cling to the fantasy that the LIBs killed NG arbitrarily. Their complaint is about the Order in Council that the Trudeau government does not accept the Joint Panel’s recommendation and directs the Board to dismiss the application: (…)

Without the court which quashed NG, PM Trudeau would not have had the legal recourse to cancel it arbitrarily. The Court, in essence, made the decision for him. This was clearly a failure of Stephen Harper’s Gov. Don’t let UCP or CPC claim otherwise. (…)

See 21 and: Northern Gateway’s federal approval has been overturned – now what? (…) A new article on the Tanker Ban in Douglas Channel. I covered it in more detail in my twitter thread above (#10).

‘The risks are too big’: B.C. First Nations leaders in Ottawa to back coastal tanker ban (…)

Northern Gateway 2.0? Dream on

“Enbridge still lacked firm long-term crude oil supply agreements – one of the NEB’s 209 conditions…. ” Then came the court decision that FN had to be consulted. The company had 30 days to appeal but didn’t bother. (…)


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