Conservatives Gaslighting Canada and Populism

Conservatives cannot point to any corruption examples or criminal activities of the Liberal Party or Prime Minister Trudeau, yet they continue to make the claim that our current Government is corrupt. Examples of real corruption and/or criminal activities was amply demonstrated by the Harper Government but not by our current Government.

As to the hyperbolic claim of PMJT being “the most unethical PM in CDN history”, it’s complete BULLSHIT: see the Stephen Harper Category to dispel that absurdity! Moreover, there are no major ethical lapses by our PM. What most CONservatives point to about JWR & direction by PMJT has been debunked in Gaslighting on Steroids and the Shawcross Doctrine, DPAs, SNC.

Definition of corruption: a form of dishonesty or criminal activity undertaken by a person or organization entrusted with a position of authority, often to acquire illicit benefit.

Mr Adler is a Progressive Conservative and is now routinely harassed online because he renounced the regressive UCP in Alberta and the CPC in Canada. Truth is there are no Progressive Conservatives left in any Conservative Parties.

After 40 yrs of voting Conservative, I also turned my back on their populism: Gaslighting Canadians daily!

Gaslighting is the attempt of one person to overwrite another person’s reality. It is a tactic used
for gaining control. Andrew Scheer, Doug Ford, & Jason Kenney are experienced in Gaslighting.

Conservative gaslighting on economics is problematic as well

No, the Conservative Party of Canada are not making maternity and parental benefits ‘tax free’

EXCERPT: “More importantly though, I am sorry to say the CPC are not making these benefits ‘tax free’. If we look in the Oxford dictionary tax free is defined as ‘exempt from tax.’ That is, people reading this statement will think, and rightfully, that the income will be free from tax, not taxed, that they don’t have to pay tax on the income received from maternity and parental benefits. That, my friends, is not the case. What they are offering is a 15% nonrefundable tax credit. Anyone saying that a nonrefundable tax credit is the same as something being tax free knows very little about the tax system.”

Latest Policy release by Conservatives about their “Universal” tax cut is also problematic: higher benefit for males than females.

Ottawa will feel Scheer’s proposed tax cut the most

“There’s no doubt, the federal government would feel it acutely. That kind of revenue hole isn’t simply remedied with a nip and a tuck here and there.”

There are always costs to Tax cuts that gut fiscal capacity. Despite Scheer promising tax cuts, benefits will be significantly reduced when he nixes carbon pricing!

Rebates lost in backstop Provinces are:
ON ≈$300/yr
NB $248
MB $336
SK $598
AB $ ≈$600/yr

For more info on gutting fiscal capacity see:
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Why Canadians need to wake up about populism

EXCERPTS: “… Canada is moving in lockstep with the United States — toward a class war and a vision war.

Any kind of populism has two key ingredients: The idea that there is a corrupt, power-holding elite of which the people — the public — are deeply suspicious, and the belief that power should be removed from the domain of the elite and restored to the people (which is why Ontario Premier Doug Ford speaks on television with a placard across his tummy reading “For the People”).

We label the particular variant of populism that the advanced democracies of the West are encountering as “authoritarian populism” or, preferably, “ordered populism.”

Ordered populism, the kind overtaking Canada and the rest of the developed world, has four key conditions:

  • A declining middle class, wage stagnation and hyperconcentration of wealth at the very top of the system;
  • Major shifts in social values which see more progressive values displacing traditional social conservative values which, in concert with the conditions listed above, produce a cultural backlash by those seeing themselves falling victim to loss of identity and privilege;
  • A growing sense of external threat expressed in a rise in the belief that the world has become overwhelmingly more dangerous as well as a rise in the perception that the country and its public institutions are moving in the wrong direction;
  • Declining trust in public institutions plus a rise in ideological polarization.

All those conditions are present in Canada. They predominate among less-educated males.”

The problem is “… it’s the extreme polarization exhibited by those swept into the populist vortex: the depth of their feeling, their anger and their passion. Plus in the last few years they’ve become politicized, drawn almost entirely into one political party, the Conservatives.” Emphasis added

“The next election may well be both a class war and a vision war — a class war because populism has shown itself to be a magnet for less educated Canadians who have had troubles making their way in the new economy and who tend to have social conservative views, and a vision war that will focus on what kind of country Canadians want to hand off to their children. What values should define the future — should Canadians be the inhabitants of the cosmopolitan land of anywheres that Neil Nevitte found or the drawbridge-up world of ordered populism? How do Canadians want their country seen by the broader world?

The Conservatives, the party of the financially secure and contented under Stephen Harper, have become the party of the pessimistic and financially insecure under Andrew Scheer.

They’ve become the party mistrustful of the media, science, experts and climate change, preferring to base decisions more on moral certainty than reason. They become a party tending those who favour nativism — who support the interests of native inhabitants being promoted against those of immigrants.

They have become a party overrepresented by self-identified working class supporters (from 25 per cent to 38 per cent since 2013) and hugely overrepresented by male segments of the population (the shift in male support from Liberal to Conservative has been 25 points since the 2015 election) and nonuniversity educated.

There are virtually no examples of ordered populism serving the public interest, no examples producing positive societal impacts. It typically doesn’t solve the problems that it’s supposed to solve. It’s mainly bombast and rhetoric (“For the People”) but little of positive substance although from the past there have been horrifying historical conclusions. It tends to be xenophobic, nativist, and mistrustful. While there is justification for sympathetically understanding the fear and anger that engender this force, its expressions are not healthy for democracies, economies, or societies.

At the same time, ignoring the problem or sneering at it as deplorable and wrong-headed is ineffectual. That merely strengthens the emotional engagement of those drawn to this force, and denies the empirical reality that most of those drawn to populism’s outlook are the losers in the new economic machinations of hyper-globalization, automation, and lingering neo-liberalism and the withering of the middle-class dream of shared prosperity.”

See full article: Why Canadians need to wake up about populism and my post on Neoliberalism.

Combating right-wing populism: “reframe the debate”, “change the mood” & “change that narrative.”

EXCERPTS: “The thing that’s there but no one sees. To move away from the fear and pessimism the [right-wing] SVP have instilled in the Swiss mentality….

“At the moment, in lots of places, it’s populists. Everywhere, the conversation’s about identity: who we are, where we’re from, the past. But that’s their turf. We have to go on the offensive – clear the fog, refocus attention, reframe the debate.””

Conservatives embrace populism, rage at Trudeau, talk separation at annual gathering

It’s irresponsible divisive Gaslighting from Alberta’s Premier Jason Kenney: most Albertans do not support separating from Canada no matter how many non-credible online surveys spew that nonsense.

more examples of gaslighting to follow. See also our Pants on Fire category & Gaslighting a Province