Conservative ideology is rife with attacks on Science and Data

It's important to understand why Conservatives have succumbed to Tribalism, Fake News, and are often anti-science, anti-data, anti-elites (i.e. experts), and anti-evidence-based-decision-making. Their ideology in Canada today is steeped in the history of Stephen Harper's influence on the Party and his belief in American Republicanism. The effects of Harper's Social Conservatism (more on his religious … Continue reading Conservative ideology is rife with attacks on Science and Data

Charter WAR driven by Conservative Ideology and Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper expressed open hostility about “Liberal courts” and “Liberal bureaucracy” when first elected. His first move to force his ideology on the DOJ was the "elimination of the Court Challenges Program and the Law Commission of Canada as well as budget cuts to numerous organizations with human rights and equality mandates."

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation And The Astroturf Lawnmower

With Ottawa dropping it’s appeal on a Charity’s right to operate politically, can our charities can now level the playing field with these Astroturf groups that are heavily biased towards Conservatives:

Legislation passed in December removes all limits on political activities of charities

Political Potshots

Astroturfingis the practice of masking the sponsors of a message or organization (e.g., political, advertising, religious or public relations) to make it appear as though it originates from and is supported by grassroots participants.

Doesn’t that sound like it was written for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation?

Given Canadian media’s reliance on canned quotes and feigned outrage by the CTF, there are some truly basic questions that I have about this supposed taxpayer federation that claims to represent Canadians.

You have to ask yourself this question, would these federations and advocacy groups exist without big business or conservative think tanks? One only has to look at the connection of the Fraser Institute to the tobacco industry in the United States to find this answer. This is no less true of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and it’s connection to theNational Coalition Against Contraband Tobacco, a group widely perceived by anti-tobacco…

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Conservative Memory Lane Is A Nightmare On Elm Street

Understanding our past is vital for a positive future.

Political Potshots

The best part of being a conservative it seems is not remembering the recent past.

Why is that conservative rhetoric never seems to pass the historical smell test, and the mythology of strong fiscal conservative is exactly that, mythology.

“Is Kelowna Courier still interested in moderating a debate on defence & veterans issues between @FuhrMP and me? After agreeing last time Stephen pulled out even though $2K was pledged to a veterans cause of his choice.” Erin O’Toole

Erin O’Toole wanting to have debate highlighting his record, and the record of the Harper Government on veterans issues is like having a parade dedicated to failure. Let’s take a look at this record.

in 2013, the Stephen Harper government shut down nine Veterans Affairs offices to save $3.78 million and the same year increased its advertising budget by more than $4 million to buy playoff hockey ads, and spent $69 million…

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War on Democracy and Science with Stephen Harper

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms gave Canada a Constitutional Democracy and Harper hated it with a passion. Given that Harper believed the courts should be subservient to Parliament, he tried to force his will onto the courts but lost again and again. Our Charter was the only thing that stood in the way of an Autocratic ruler who would have subverted our Democracy to his whims.

Andrew Scheer Pants on Fire

Andrew Scheer is the leader of the Opposition in Canada, yet he finds the time to mislead his Rebel base almost every day. He has an unhealthy and seemingly pathological obsession with blaming PM Justin Trudeau (PMJT) for everything under the sun. As such, we started several blog posts dedicated entirely to Scheer's Alternative Facts, obfuscations, misrepresentations, and/or deflections.

Jason Kenney: Male Work Camps

Mr Kenney, leader of the United Conservative Party in Alberta alleges that Prime Minister Trudeau (PMJT) laid out some "smears against construction workers" but that's not true! PM Trudeau took the high road by not calling out the misinformation of a Conservative plant who had to read her question from a note. The experience she related was singular, and not shared by the women who were abused.Gender-based impacts are well-known and a disservice to women to dismiss them. Kenney is projecting: smearing is on him.

Carbon Taxes

"The fact that we find ourselves here today discussing carbon pricing is telling – despite the fact that carbon prices of one sort or another have been implemented in Canada for more than a decade, opposition and misinformation about carbon pricing policies remains rampant." Andrew Leach

Andrew Sheer: TransCanada

For Andrew Scheer to claim PM Justin Trudeau is responsible for TransCanada's name change because they are running away from Canada when they are heavily invested in the U.S. and when the name change to TC Energy was planned over a year ago, is tin-foil hat thinking. There is rarely a day that goes by without a tweet from Andrew Scheer blaming PM Trudeau for some alleged wrong. He cornered the market on #AlternativeFacts, misrepresentations, and/or obfuscations long ago, but his obsession with blaming PMJT is borderin gon pathological.

BC Tanker Ban, Bill C-48

According to Albertans the sky is falling as Bill C-48, is unfair because it prevents Oilsands Bitumen from going to market, and it's hypocritical because Quebec doesn't ban tankers. It's a Supertanker ban for Hecate Strait and the Douglas Channel. It does not stop smaller oil tankers from carrying sweet crude. My tweet thread below explains why there is no double standard and why the ban is warranted, especially given it's been informal policy for over 20 yrs.

Alberta Oil and Gas Historical

In the 1970s, Alberta was hit by a modern-day gold rush. Oil prices soared and adventurers flooded into the province in a frenzied hunt to strike it rich. But the frenzied greed of the Alberta oil boom would take its toll. By the early 1980s, too rapid expansion and a world-wide economic recession hit the industry hard.

Alberta Energy News

"Chicken Little pronouncements from opposition politicians like Kenney don’t help a whit, especially his tweet calling for “economic nationalists” – a clear aping of Donald Trump and Steve Bannon populism that is roiling the United States – to “be storming the proverbial gates to demand coastal pipelines be built.”

Jason Kenney: Pants on Fire

Oil prices and an oil glut didn't have anything to do with Alberta's downturn: it was caused by Superwoman Rachel Notley and her Superman sidekick, Justin Trudeau. Jason Kenney's Pants are on Fire: United Conservative Party Leader of Alberta Jason Kenney puts the blame of Alberta’s economy and oil trouble squarely on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and current Alberta Premier Rachel Notley

Conspiracy theory: Alberta oil blockaded by U.S. interests

If an Alberta billion-$ industry can be easily blockaded by the chump change of NGOs, perhaps oil and pipeline companies which can outspend them 100-1 need new CEOs? The elephant in the room and the inconvenient truth for politicians who traffic in this tin-foil absurdity is that the majority of the oilsands is - or was before the downturn - foreign-owned. The Majors have no problem getting their product to market because they are integrated with refineries in Texas and because they have pipeline and rail contracts to move their product. Why would they blockade their own interests?

Neoliberalism: Socialism for the Wealthy

The Neoliberal Ideological Agenda threatens not only working class people but our environment and our social programs. The Oligarchs funded the climate change deniers, are responsible for union-busting policies, recommendations for privatization, deregulation, fiscal austerity measures by government, low taxes for corporations, a gutting of social programs, and crumbling infrastructure.

Lie Tracker Introduction

In politics, we now live in a “post-truth” world of wicked polarization “alternative facts” and “fake news”! “A defining trait of post-truth politics is that campaigners continue to repeat their talking points, even when media outlets, experts in the field in question, and others provide proof that contradicts these talking points.”