Pierre Poilievre:

Mr Poilievre seems to have a long-standing jealousy issue with PMJT, only matched by his Conservative leader Andrew Scheer who also obsessively misrepresents PM Trudeau on a daily basis.

Hot photo of PMJT though! Why do you constantly use this old “Trust fund” trope Mr Poillevre as you are richer than PMJT by a country mile? Is it that PM Trudeau is better looking? Has nicer hair? Carries himself with more dignity and class?

By referring to our PM as the “Trust fund Trudeau” is Mr Poilievre suggesting that responsible wealthy parents shouldn’t set up a trust-fund or some sort of investment fund for their own children? Perhaps, given his wealth, he should comment on his own daughter’s status! Did Mr Poilievre not set up a trust-fund for her?

Mr Trudeau didn’t say what Poilievre claims. PMJT specifically said the absurd tax credits of the Harper Government don’t benefit low income Canadians for the obvious reason that they don’t have enough income to spend to take advantage of the non-refundable credits; whereas the Child Benefit actually puts dollars into low-income Canadians’ pockets.

Perhaps Mr Poilievre is projecting his own insecurities because he can’t relate to low-income Canadians, given his wealth? In any event, this tired old trust-fund trope reflects Mr Poilievre’s maturity, or lack thereof to be more precise!

Perhaps we should check the Hansard transcript for the truth (or lack) of Poilievre’s claim

New report suggests Pierre Poilievre’s TFSA statements are quite “misleading”

Pierre Poilievre statements are often misleading

Misrepresenting his previous Government’s silly tax credits
or other policies like TFSAs is not Mr Poilievre’s 1st rodeo

“A new report suggests the Conservatives, and most notably Employment Minister Pierre Poilievre, have been “misleading” the public when it comes to claiming those who benefit from Tax Free Savings Accounts are overwhelmingly lower-income Canadians.

In fact, the report suggests the only low-income Canadians likely see any real benefit from TFSAs are spouses and children in high-earning households.”