Jason Kenney: Pants on Fire

Number bungle in UCP’s attack on carbon tax puts truthful campaigning in question

“Rather that whipping people into a frenzy with tales of a false monster, the parties owe it to Albertans to be truthful.”

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Oil prices and an oil glut didn’t have anything to do with Alberta’s downturn: it was caused by Superwoman Rachel Notley and her Superman sidekick, Justin Trudeau.

“United Conservative Party Leader of Alberta Jason Kenney puts the blame of Alberta’s economy and oil trouble squarely on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and current Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, in an interview with Global News’s Mercedes Stephenson.”

Note: Jason Kenney must have been smoking something, because there is nothing a Canadian Prime Minister can do to overturn a U.S. President’s veto. Moreover, Obama vetoed Keystone, not Northern Gateway. It was Stephen Harper’s arrogance which killed Keystone XL during his term. Trudeau had nothing to do with it. See our Prelude to Northern Gateway blog post.

The specific question from Mercedes to JK about “how would you have gotten pipelines built” was never answered.

He launched straight into blaming RN & PMJT for everything

He spews the conspiracy theory that hundreds of Millions were spent from foreign sources to vilify AB oil.

He claims PMJT gave Quebec the veto over Energy East: Not true!

B/C of QC’s alleged veto over EE, he will bring Equalization to the forefront as he wants Alberta to get a fair deal.

Imagine that: the richest Province in the land is complaining about paying federal taxes. See our blog post on Equalization: https://lietracker.ca/tag/equalization/

On western alienation, Mercedes interviewed PMJT & he said JK is exploiting frustration & making it worse.

Kenney, the king of wedge, replied: “This is the PM who drives wedges everywhere he can.”

Not once did he answer her question about how he would get pipelines built or how he would do things differently!